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Teaching Tools

Walk-By Learning Gardens


A Walk-By Learning Garden is a demonstration garden for your community that teaches about a topic of interest. By using the learning package provided, you can:

  • Grow your community's enthusiasm for gardening
  • Show simple, nutritious, productive crops
  • Offer easy ideas for first-time gardeners
  • Entice veteran gardeners with something different

The Walk-By Learning Garden package includes instructions and tips for getting your garden growing, interpretive signage templates that can be used to create signs or banners, and resource links to find more information.

2014 Walk-By Learning Garden Package: Smart Snack Garden.

Walk-By Learning Garden recipe for success

  1. Team up!

    Gather a team of Master Gardeners willing to plant and maintain it. What type of garden fits best? Options abound: An in-ground plot, raised beds, grow-bags, barrels and more.

  2. Location, location, location!

    Choose a high visibility spot with reasonable soil, plenty of sun, water access AND lots of foot traffic. Think about where people gather (e.g. school, courthouse, library, park, county fairground).

  3. Create!

    Get your supplies together. Plant & tend the garden. Install the signs. Your Walk-By Learning Garden will be on-the-job all season long. Help it shine.

  4. Use it!

    Do demonstrations there. Talk it up. Blog about it. Help others start one like it.

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