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Topic Listing


The Base Plan

Bubble Diagrams

Color Techniques for Landscape Design

Completed Landscape Design

Concept Plans

Draft Designs

Drawings to Enhance Your Design

Elements of Design

Energy Saving Landscapes

Healing Gardens

Landscape Design for a Lakefront Property on Crystal Lake--Burnsville, Minnesota

Landscape Design Glossary

Landscape Design Principles: How Line Forms Dictate Space and Style

The Landscape Design Sequence

Plan View Drawing

Principles of Design

Sustainability and Landscape Design

Plant Selection

About Plant Elements of Design, A Plant Selection Program


Hard-Goods and Features

Asphalt Surface Repair

Building Boulder Walls

Building a Flexible Lined Pond

Building Overhead Structures, Pergolas, and Arbors

Building Timber Landscape Steps

Building Waterfalls for Residential Properties

Constructing Flagstone Steps in the Landscape

Constructing a Raised Bed Using Timbers

Deck and Outdoor Structure Footings

Designing and Installing Outdoor Lighting

Designing and Preparing a Perennial Bed

Installing Block Retaining Walls

Installing Poly Landscape Edging

Natural Stone Retaining Walls

Paver and Brick Installation

Rock Riprap

Selecting Wood for Outdoor Structures

Timber Wall Construction

Zoning and Permits: What You Need to Know as a Designer

Plants, Soils and Amendments

Amending Soils for Perennial Beds

Building Soil Berms

Collecting Wildflower and Prairie Seed

Developing a Residential Prairie

Dividing Perennials

Modifying Soil pH

Planting Annual Seeds and Transplants in the Landscape

Planting Bare Root, Containerized and Balled and Burlapped Trees and Shrubs

Planting Under Existing Trees

Protecting Existing Trees During Construction

Pruning Perennials

Selecting Commercial Compost

Trees and Turf:  Are they Compatible?

Water Plant Selection, Implementation, and Maintenance


Herbaceous Plants

Pruning Perennials

Sustainable Herbaceous Plant Maintenance

Alternatives to Chemical Herbicides (FUTURE)


Application of Mulch

The Basics of Plant Nutrition and Fertilizers


Bulbs, Rhizomes, Corms & Tubers

Collecting and Saving Seed

Compost (FUTURE)

Cultivated Perennials

Cultural Management Methods for Weed Control

Cutting Back Plants

Deadheading and Pinching Back (FUTURE)


Diseases and Insects

Dividing Plants

Dividing Rhizomes


Fertilizer: the Do's and Don'ts

Ground Covers



How to Determine the Frequency and Rate of Watering

Inorganic Fertilizers (FUTURE)


Integrated Pest Management (FUTURE)

Landscape Grasses


Materials & Structures

Methods of Supporting Plants

Mulching for Moisture Control

Mulching & Watering

Mulching for Weed Control

Mulching for Winter Protection

Nutrition, Fertilizers, and Compost

Organic Fertilizers (FUTURE)

Organic Mulches


Propagation by Spores

Propagation by Vegetative Cuttings


Pruning for Plant Form

Pruning to Prevent Disease (FUTURE)

Pruning for Weed Control (FUTURE)

Salt Tolerant Plants

Self-Sowing Plants

Soils (FUTURE)

Staking, Supporting and Training Plants

Starting Plants from Seed

Synthetic Mulches

Training to Improve Plant Health (FUTURE)

Training Plants for Ornamental Purposes (FUTURE)

Transplanting Seedlings, Cuttings and Divided Plants

Understanding Labels (FUTURE)


Watering Your Landscape

Water Quality and its Effect on Plants

Weed Identification and Lifecycles

Weed Management

Why Use Mulch?


Sustainable Lawn Maintenance

Cool Season Grass Selection

Environmental Benefits of a Healthy, Sustainable Lawn

Establishing a New Lawn to Achieve Sustainability

Fertilizer Practices

Grass Plant Growth and its Relationship to a Sustainable Lawn

Lawn Care Glossary

Managing Diseases and Insects

Mowing Practices

Renovating an Existing Lawn to Achieve Sustainability

Selecting Lawn Fertilizers and Understanding their Labels

Upper Midwest Home Lawn Care Calendar for Cool Season Grasses

Watering Practices

Weed Management

Sustainable Woody Plant Maintenance

Deciduous Trees

Deciduous Shrubs

Evergreen Trees and Shrubs

Trees and Shrubs: Diseases, Insects and Other Problems

Woody Vines

Woody Groundcovers

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