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Grass Plant Growth and its Relationship to Lawncare

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A lawn is land covered by many individual turfgrass plants. In fact, a lawn may be considered a garden area comprised of many individual grass plants rather than just a few flower or vegetable plants. It has been reported that in a typical 1,000 square feet of lawn there are about 1 million grass plants.

The first step in any lawn care plan should be to provide an ideal environment for growth and function of grass plants. A healthy, vigorous lawn is the best defense against attack or invasion of various pests. Also, a healthy lawn is much more capable of quickly recovering from modest damage caused by insects, diseases, or physical wear and tear.

Creating a healthy lawn environment is like any other type of gardening. The same good practices used in vegetable and flower gardens are just as appropriate for growing grass plants. The means to achieve those conditions are somewhat different for lawns than gardens, but are just as important for healthy grass plants as for healthy tomatoes.

As with other garden plants, knowledge about that plant and how it grows is often the key to growing it successfully. Large juicy tomatoes, fresh crisp lettuce, and colorful marigolds are the result of applying knowledge about those plants to growing them in the garden. Likewise, knowledge about the grass plant will be very helpful in growing it successfully and creating a healthy, attractive lawn.

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