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Site Evaluation Form


(walls, walks, fences, decks, patios, etc.)

Can structures be relocated to improve the site?________________________________________________

Do structures have poor access?____________________________________________________________

Can plantings be used to protect or shade structures?___________________________________________

Are structures proportional to the lot size?____________________________________________________

What type of construction material will best blend with existing structures?__________________________

Can retaining walls be used to reduce slopes?_________________________________________________

Are there structural areas or utilities that require screening?______________________________________

Are paved areas needed to make areas more functional?_________________________________________

Can steps or ramps be used to give better access to any areas?____________________________________

Is additional storage space needed?_________________________________________________________



(hills, water, woods, etc.)

Are there water features on the lot?_________________________________________________________

Are there steep slopes that need to be reduced?________________________________________________

Are there rocky areas that will affect plantings?________________________________________________

Are there rock features that you would like to incorporate into the design?___________________________

Are there areas that need to be raised or filled?________________________________________________

Are there erosion prone areas?_____________________________________________________________

Are adjacent lots at the same level?_________________________________________________________



Is there adequate drainage away from structures?_______________________________________________

Does drainage flow onto neighboring properties?______________________________________________

Do neighboring properties drain onto the lot?________________________________________________

Are there low spots that can be filled to improve drainage?_______________________________________

Are there erosion areas that can be eliminated with better drainage?________________________________

Is there standing water?__________________________________________________________________


Is additional topsoil needed?______________________________________________________________

Does the pH of the soil need to be altered?___________________________________________________

Does the soil drain fast or slow?____________________________________________________________

Can drainage be improved with soil amendments?____________________________________________

Is there adequate organic matter in the soil?___________________________________________________

Has a soil test been done on the site?________________________________________________________

Will fertilizer need to be added to help plantings?______________________________________________


Is there existing vegetation on the lot?_______________________________________________________

Will trees or plantings need to be removed?_______________________________________________

Is there existing turf that can be improved?___________________________________________________

Does the existing turf need to be larger or smaller?_____________________________________________

Can existing vegetation be incorporated into a new design?______________________________________

Can native areas be incorporated into the design?___________________________________________

Are there areas where plants other than grass can be used as a ground cover?__________________________


Are plantings needed to shade structures?____________________________________________________

Are windbreaks needed to reduce wind?_____________________________________________________

Are there heat sinks on the lot that will affect plant selection?_________________________________

Does the region get enough rain to provide adequate irrigation?___________________________________

What is the general climate in the area? _____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________________________________________

Does the region get enough snow for winter protection?_________________________________________

Is snow removal a problem on the property?__________________________________________________

Are there areas where snow piles or drifts?___________________________________________________


Do walks and paths provide proper access to buildings and areas on the property?_____________________

Can walks or paths be relocated to provide better access?________________________________________

Are walks, paths, and drives the proper width?________________________________________________

Can any walks, paths or drives be widened to make them more functional?__________________________

Can walks, paths, or drives be given more interest?_____________________________________________

Do walks, paths or drives have water or ice problems?_______________________________________

Can additional areas be created to provide off street parking?_____________________________________

Is lighting needed along any of the areas?____________________________________________________

Do walks and paths provide adequate access to all areas?________________________________________

Do traffic paths form across any of the turf areas?______________________________________________


Are there views that need to be changed?_____________________________________________________

Is a screen planting needed to block a poor view?______________________________________________

Is a screen planting needed to reduce noise?__________________________________________________

Are there views that can be framed or added?_________________________________________________

Are public and service areas adequately screened?_____________________________________________

Adapted from: Landscaping Your Home WM. R. Nelson Jr. CHP, pg. 22.23

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