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Snap bean > Leaves > Discolored leaves

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Bean Common Mosaic Virus, Bean Yellow Mosaic Virus and others

  • Leaves are curled, mottled, and may be yellow
  • Plants are stunted
  • Pods can be distorted, blotchy with dark and light green, and in severe cases, have bronze blotchy areas
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  • Viruses 1
  • Viruses 2
  • Viruses 3

Spider mites

  • Occurs during summer, especially during hot, dry weather
  • Leaves are a speckled, off-green color
  • Webbing can be seen when large numbers are present
  • Mites are yellowish or greenish color; found on underside of leaves; very tiny (1/50th inch long) and not easily seen without magnification
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  • White Mold 1
  • White Mold 2
  • White Mold 3

White Mold
Sclerotinia sclerotiorum

  • Leaves, stems and pods first develop water-soaked lesions
  • A white, cottony fungal growth develops on leaves, stems and pods
  • Leaves yellow and fall off
  • Infected stems dry out and turn light brown
  • Plant wilts, and may eventually die
  • Hard black irregular to oval shaped sclerotia (fungal structures) form within and on infected plant parts
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