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Potato > Leaves > Holes in leaves

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  • Colorado Potato Beetle 1
  • Colorado Potato Beetle 2
  • Colorado Potato Beetle 3

Colorado Potato Beetle
Leptinotarsa decemlineata

  • Both adults and larvae chew holes in leaves
  • Can defoliate entire plant
  • Larvae are reddish pink with two rows of dark spots on each side, and 3/8" long
  • Adults are yellowish with black stripes, round, and 3/8" long
  • Active throughout the summer
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  • Flea Beetle 1
  • Flea Beetle 2
  • Flea Beetle 3

Flea Beetle
Epitrix cucmeris, potato flea beetle and E. fuscula, eggplant flea beetle.

  • Adult feeding on leaves creates shallow pits and small, irregular holes giving it a "shot hole" appearance
  • Heavy feeding may cause wilting
  • Adults are small (1/16 to 1/8 inch long), black in color;
  • Larvae are very small (
  • Larvae feed on potato tuber causing shallow tunnels
  • Present throughout the growing season
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  • Cutworms 1
  • Cutworms 2

Peridroma saucia, Agrotis ipsilon, Fetltia ducens

  • Can chew holes in leaves (spring and early summer)
  • Plant is cut off at or just below the soil surface
  • Cutworms are grayish or brownish and up to 2 inches long; typically found during day hiding in soil
  • Damage occurs during spring and summer
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  • Blister Beetles 1
  • Blister Beetles 2

Blister Beetles
Epicauta spp., Lytta spp.

  • Adults feed on leaves
  • Adults are long and narrow with soft wing covers, 1/2 to 1 inch long, and vary in color from brown to black, or dark with orange stripes
  • More common in drought-like conditions
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