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Pepper > Leaves > Leaves wilt

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Verticillium Wilt
Verticillium albo-atrum, Verticillium dahlia

  • Leaves yellow and wilt, often one side only
  • A yellow wedge shaped lesion on leaf often with a brown center
  • Lower leaves wilt first, eventually whole plant wilts
  • In a lengthwise cut of the stem near the soil line, veins are tan, center is green
  • Common in cool temperatures 68° to 75° F
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Phytophthora Blight
Phytophthora capsici

  • Entire plant wilts and turns brown
  • Soft water soaked spots form on fruit
  • Water soaked to tan bleached spots may form on leaves
  • Fruit wither but remain attached and become coated in white fungal growth
  • Dark sunken spots form on stems, all leaves beyond this spot wilt
  • Disease spreads very rapidly in cool wet weather
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Myzus persicae, Aphis gossypii

  • Aphids feed on leaves, large numbers can result in yellowing and wilting
  • Small (1/6 – 1/8 inch) soft bodied insects
  • Aphids are present throughout the growing season
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Frost damage/chilling injury

  • Plant is wilted
  • Inside of pepper is brown
  • Entire leaves, young shoots or the entire plant may be completely discolored and wilted

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