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Extension > Garden > Diagnose a problem > What's wrong with my plant? > Turf > Irregular patches > Brown grass in low/poorly drained areas

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Turf > Irregular patches > Brown grass in low/poorly drained areas

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  • Image: flooding 1

Flooded lawns

  • Occurs in lawns where standing water or saturated soils have recently occurred, especially if accompanied by high temps and bright sunlight
  • Grass is brown to black in color, and leaves may be soft and mushy
  • Affected areas have a foul, rotted smell
  • Soil below grass is wet, soft, and muddy
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  • Image: ice damage

Damage related to ice cover

  • Occurs where spring snow melt water cannot freely drain from an area due to blockage along edges of curbs, driveways, or sidewalks
  • Occurs in open areas of the lawn where water goes through frequent freezing and thawing cycles during the snow melting process
  • Long strips to irregularly shaped areas of dead grass
  • Color of dead grass typically is light tan to straw-colored, later turning dark brown
  • Usually a distinct boundary between affected and healthy plants

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