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Turf > Uneven bumps, mounds, or ridges in lawn

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  • Image: moles 1
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Eastern Moles

  • Fairly straight to irregular lines of raised ridges of grass with no openings
  • Scattered mounds of soil present within ridge system; 1 pint to 2 quarts in volume
  • Grass on ridges can turn brown and dry out quickly
  • Most apparent in early summer and again in September to October
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Meadow Voles

  • No soil mounds present, but small, irregular shaped trails on lawn surface
  • Especially visible just after snow melt
  • Loose grass blades on tops of tail give the appearance of ridges, but soil is not raised
  • Grass plant usually not killed, but may be slower to come back in the spring
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  • Image: nightcrawler 1
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  • Occurs during early to mid-spring; can remain throughout the summer
  • Small, conical bumps randomly distributed through lawn
  • 4 to 8 inches long and reddish-brown
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  • Image: cornfield ant 1
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Cornfield Ant

  • Small, about 1/8 inch wide, hole generally surrounded by a conical mound of dirt
  • Found in areas where grass in thinning or bare
  • Found anytime during spring or summer
  • Ant 1/10 inch long and brown
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  • Image: field ant 1
  • Image: field ant 2

Field Ant

  • Large mounds with numeroud 1/8 to 1/4 inch wide holes
  • Found in healthy lawns as well as thinning turf
  • Found anytime during spring or summer
  • Ant 1/8 to 1/4 inch long and black or black and red
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