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Extension > Fruit > Apple > Spots/blotches are raised and rough

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Apples > Fruit > Spots/blotches are raised and rough

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  • Image: Apple Scab 1
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Apple Scab
Venturia inaequalis

  • Brown raised corky spots on fruit
  • Severely infected fruit may be deformed and cracked
  • Olive green to brown leaf spots with an irregular or feathered edge, eventually becoming a dark brown to black
  • Infected leaves turn yellow and drop prematurely
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  • Image: Oystershell Scale 1
  • Image: Oystershell Scale 2

Oystershell Scale
Lepidosaphes ulmi

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  • Image: Cedar-Apple Rust 1
  • Image: Cedar-Apple Rust 2
  • Image: Cedar-Apple Rust 3

Cedar-Apple Rust
Gymnosporangium juniperi-virginiana

  • Rough green to brown irregular spots on fruit, do not extend deep into the fruit
  • Leaves develop yellow, then bright orange spots with a red border
  • Small raised black dots may be present on the upper side of leaf spots, fringed tubes may be seen on the underside of the leaf spots
  • Juniper bushes have brown 1/4 – 1 inch round woody galls, that produce bright orange tentacles in wet spring weather
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