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Annuals and Perennials > Shasta Daisy

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  • fourline bug 1
  • fourline bug 2
  • fourline bug 3

Fourlined plant bug

  • Occurs May to early July
  • Feeding causes brownish or sunken spot on leaves
  • Nymphs are red or red and black; Adults are greenish yellow with 4 black stripes, 1/4 to 1/3 inch long
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  • Herbicide 3
  • Herbicide 1
  • Herbicide 2

Herbicide Damage
Phenoxy herbicide ex. 2,4D

  • Leaves are twisted, cupped, or distorted
  • Leaves may appear thick and leathery
  • Veins in leaves are thick and close together
  • Side of the plant closest to the herbicide application is most severely affected
  • In severe cases the entire plant may be affected
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  • Hail 1


  • Ragged holes in foliage
  • Appears suddenly, after sever weather
  • Affects very local area only, sometimes individual plants show damage
  • Plants outgrow damage, leaves produced after hail event are undamaged

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