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Extension > Garden > Diagnose a problem > What's wrong with my plant? > Annuals and Perennials > Roses > Stems swollen

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Roses > Stem > Stems swollen

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  • Image: Rose stem girdler 1
  • Image: Rose stem girdler 2
  • Image: Rose stem girdler 3

Rose stem girdler

  • Occurs during summer
  • Clumps of leaves wilt and turn brown
  • Also look for swelling in stem
  • Small (1/4 inch long), bullet-shaped, iridescent gold; rarely seen
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  • Image: Mossy Rose Gall 1
  • Image: Mossy Rose Gall 2

Mossy Rose Gall

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  • Image: Spiny Rose Gall 1
  • Image: Spiny Rose Gall 2

Spiny Rose Gall

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  • Image: Crown Gall 1
  • Image: Crown Gall 2
  • Image: Crown Gall 3

Crown Gall

  • Round to irregular overgrowth or tumor at soil line or on roots
  • Young galls are light green or white and soft
  • Old galls are hard and dark colored or black
  • Plant may be stunted, produce few flowers and leaves
  • Occasionally galls are seen higher on the stem
  • More information on Crown Gall...

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