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Raising chickens #3: supplemental heat

Wayne Martin

Time: 1:18 | Start off with a ground temperature of 95° F and reduce it by 5° each week by raising the heat lamp.

Video transcript

[Wayne Martin, University of Minnesota Extension educator]: So one thing you'll constantly want to do is to monitor the temperature to make sure that it's comfortable and appropriate for the chicks. You'll want to start them out at about 95 degrees for the first week of their life, and then gradually reduce it about 5 degrees per week. And you do that just simply by raising up the heat lamp. The higher up it gets, the cooler it will be at ground level.

Well these chicks, are for the most part, resting comfortably. In particular, this group here under the red light, they're right directly underneath the heat, and they're just fine. This light is putting out more heat than this light. And so this group is moving away from it. Right here is the center. You can see though that even some of the chicks are just sleeping right underneath it.

Well I see them as, they look really good. They're healthy and active and vigorous. They're up and eating and drinking and they've found the heat, and they just, they seem like they're going to do alright. So I feel really good about this batch of chicks.


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