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Vegetables and Herbs


Canning Green or Yellow Beans

Suzanne Driessen

Select green or yellow beans fresh from the garden for canning purposes. Use young, tender, firm and crisp beans. Wash them several times, lifting them out of the water so dirt that is washed off will not drain back. Trim ends and cut beans into one-inch pieces. Prepare only enough for one pressure canner load at a time, about nine pints or seven quarts.

Green and yellow beans can only be canned in a pressure canner by using one of the following two methods, hot pack method or raw pack method.

Preparation for Pressure Canner Using Hot Pack Method

Using the Pressure Canner

Do not tighten band after it comes out. Cool jars on rack, out of drafts.

Preparation for Pressure Canner Using Raw Pack Method


Beans, Snap and Italian - Pieces, Green and Wax. National Center for Home Food Preservation

Reviewed by Suzanne Driessen 2016

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