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Preparing Safe Meals

Mailing food gifts

Carol Ann Burtness

Types of foods that mail best

Receiving a gift of food in the mail is a treat for any gift-receiver. Here are some tips on what foods mail best and how to mail food gifts to keep the food safe:

Tips on wrapping and cushioning foods for mailing

When mailing cookies, bars and homemade candies, wrap each piece individually and pack items in commercially popped corn, foam packing "peanuts" or bubble wrap to help cushion the trip. Place food in a sturdy box and seal securely.

Consider mail-order companies to order and deliver foods

Consider ordering mail-order food (shelf-stable beef "summer sausage," cheeses, cakes, snacks) online or through mail-order catalogues. Do not order any food that must be kept refrigerated unless you are sure of the delivery time.

If you order perishable foods, find out how the food and packaging will be handled. This is important for meat, poultry, fish and foods such as cheesecake. The following tips will ensure that perishable foods are handled properly:

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