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Home Food Preservation Newsletter

From garden to table, home food preservers follow up-to-date preservation practices to ensure safe quality food for your family and friends.

Current Issue

September 2014 (519 K PDF)

Past Issues

August 2014 (505 K PDF)

  • Fermenting vegetables
  • Make your own sauerkraut
  • Corn relish
  • Mushroom tea or Kombucha
  • Pickled eggs
  • Pickled vegetables
  • Cleaning vs. pickling vinegar
  • Frequently asked questions

July 2014 (604 K PDF)

  • Go Green – Preserve the Greens
  • Pesto
  • Freezing Herbs
  • Kale Chips are Popular!
  • Homemade Herb Vinegars
  • Good News
  • Freezer Containers
  • Vacuum Sealers
  • Dealing with Spoiled Foods
  • Frequently Asked Questions


June 2014 (528 K PDF)

  • It's "Berry" Time!
  • Fruit Salsa
  • Fruit Syrups
  • Tips for Terrific Jam and Jelly
  • Fruit Vinegars
  • Sterilize Jars or Not Sterilize Jars
  • Keep it Clean
  • To Heat or Not to Heat
  • Taking Your Pickles to the Next Level — From Home Canning to Commercial Production July 14, 2014
  • Frequently Asked Questions


October 2013 (582 K PDF)

  • Canned Meat for Good Taste and Convenience
  • Making Safe Jerky at Home
  • Pumpkin and Winter Squash
  • LC for Canning Equipment
  • Enjoy Apples all Year
  • Pie Freezing Tips
  • New "Creative" Safe Salsa Recipe
  • Frequently Asked Questions


September 2013 (545 K PDF)

  • Homegrown Tomatoes
  • Choosing Reliable or Safe Recipes
  • Recommended Headspace
  • End-of-Season Tomatoes
  • Freezing Tomatoes
  • Tomatillos
  • Tomato-Vegetable Mixtures
  • Tomato Salsa FAQs
  • Salsa Tips
  • Frequently Asked Questions


August 2013 (618 K PDF)

  • Using Dried Foods
  • Storing Dried Foods
  • Shopping for a
  • Dehydrator
  • Drying Herbs
  • Drying Tomatoes
  • Veggie Chips/Kale
  • Fruit Leather
  • Minnesota Methods
  • Drying Apples
  • Class August 27 — Taking Pickles to the Next Level
  • Frequently Asked
  • Questions


July 2013 (715 K PDF)

  • Do you share the newsletter or content with others?
  • Refrigerator Pickles
  • Safe pressure canning
  • To Blanch or Not to Blanch?
  • Freezing Green Beans
  • Liquid Loss or Siphoning
  • August 27 New Class!
  • Frequently Asked Questions


June 2013 (488 K PDF)

  • It's Food Preservation Season — Let's Hear From You!
  • What's New in Food Preservation Tools?
  • Frequently Asked Questions


September 2012 (643 K PDF)

  • Preserving Soup — Cool Safely!
  • Home can venison for tasty, convenient meals
  • Safe venison jerky
  • Pickled fish
  • Pick 5% for pickling
  • Gifts from the garden
  • Shelf life of home preserved foods
  • When in doubt, throw it out!
  • Frequently Asked Questions


August 2012 (661 K PDF)

  • Getting Back to Our Roots
  • New and Old Tomatoes Need Acid
  • Heirloom Tomatoes
  • Updated Minnesota Tomato Mixture
  • End of Season Produce Ideas
  • Chutneys
  • Pickled Beets
  • Veggie Chips & Tasty Tomatoes
  • Can I Use My Smooth-Top Stove for Canning?
  • Frequently Asked Questions


July 2012 (616 K PDF)

  • Home Can Vegetables Safely
  • Vinegar for Pickling
  • Canning with a Propane Burner
  • To Sterilize or Not to Sterilize Jars
  • Headspace Recommendations
  • "Supersweet" Sweet Corn
  • Green Beans
  • Using and Preserving Kohlrabi
  • A Blue Ribbon Winner
  • Steam Canners
  • Peddling Your Pickles
  • Frequently Asked Questions


June 2012 (707 K PDF)

  • Preservation begins with up-to-date resources
  • Jam and jelly equipment
  • Water bath jams and jellies
  • Low- and no-sugar jam and jelly
  • Liquid vs. powder pectin
  • First in first out
  • Drying strawberries
  • Pickled asparagus
  • Frequently asked questions


September 2011 (265 K PDF)

  • Is Home-Canned Food Safe?
  • Freezing Tomatoes
  • Apple Cider
  • Drying Tomatoes
  • Apple Varieties
  • Dealing with Green Tomatoes
  • Preserving Pumpkin or Winter Squash
  • Can Potatoes be Frozen?
  • Frequently Asked Questions: What do I do if there's mold on my jelly? Can all water-bath recipes be canned in the pressure canner? I've used ClearJel as a thickener for home-canned pie fillings. Can I also use PermaFlo and ThermFlo for home-canned pie fillings? Why do recipes say to cut off the blossom end of a cucumber?


August 2011 (243 K PDF)

  • Which food preservation method?
  • Searching for reliable information
  • Pressure canner fears
  • Plan ahead: preserve soup now
  • Pick 5% for pickling
  • Freezing leafy greens
  • Tomatoes plus acid
  • Frequently asked questions: How can I thicken tomato salsa and spaghetti sauces before canning? What should I do if the lids seal before I get the jars into the canner for processing? How long will canned food keep?


July 2011 (248 K PDF)

  • Freezing whys and hows
  • Safe home canned vegetables
  • Does water matter when canning?
  • Fruit salsa
  • Altitude and food preservation
  • Peddling your pickles
  • Frequently asked questions: Do we save money by preserving food at home? Is it necessary to exhaust a pressure canner?


June 2011 (265 K PDF)

  • Get ready…
  • Food preservation questions?
  • Wash produce before preserving
  • Pectin products with a different look
  • Making freezer jam
  • It's a “berry” good time of the year!
  • New freezer containers
  • Herb vinegars
  • Frequently asked questions: Are reusable canning lids safe to use? Is there a safe process for preserving pickled radishes?

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