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Serve It Up Safely™ Online Course

Modules Available in This Course

Each individual course module takes about one hour to complete. Complete four modules to meet the State of Minnesota's four-hour requirement for renewing food manager certification.

Serve It Up Safely™ Online Course (Full version-$75)

Personalize your course by choosing the topics that interest you the most. Each of the modules takes about one hour to complete. Complete four modules to achieve the State of Minnesota's four-hour continuing education requirement to renew a Food Manager certificate. For each module you select, work through the content and then take the quiz to receive a personalized certificate verifying one hour of continuing education credit.

Individual Modules ($25 each)

Cleaning/Sanitizing — Basic

In this module you will learn the basics of cleaning and sanitizing. You will review foodborne outbreaks related to improper cleaning and sanitizing and identify corrective actions to eliminate food safety risks. You will apply your knowledge by deciding which statements about cleaning and sanitizing are true and which are false.

Cleaning/Sanitizing — Advanced

Take a deeper look at issues related to cleaning and sanitizing in this module. Advanced issues in cleaning and sanitizing including standard sanitation operating procedures, biofilms, and cross-contact and chemical safety are highlighted. You will review nine sanitation scenarios and decide whether proper or improper sanitation practices are demonstrated.

Cooling Principles

In this module you can discover the proper methods and options to cool cold and hot food to safe temperatures. Work through scenarios based on actual foodborne illness outbreaks and identify what went wrong.

Emerging Trends

This module explores four emerging trends affecting foodservice operations today: Food Allergen, Catering and Take-out Food, Emergency Readiness, and Food Recalls.

Emerging Trends 2

This module addresses reduced oxygen packaging (ROP) and Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP) in retail foodservice operations.

Preventing Foodborne Illness

Learn the basics of preventing foodborne illness in this module. Then test what you have learned by walking through the steps of making chicken salad.

Personal Hygiene

This module emphasizes the importance of personal hygiene to reduce risk of contamination. The focus is on the management’s role in teaching, monitoring, and enforcing good personal hygiene practices to prevent foodborne illness.

Ready-to-Eat (RTE) Foods

Learn about the special needs of ready-to-eat (RTE) foods in this module. You will learn about the risk factors associated with handling ready-to-eat food.

Food Allergen Training for Food Service Employees

Teaches food handlers about food allergies and the important role they have in protecting the health of their customers, clients or students. Free use for employee training with purchase.

Do you have questions about the course? See Frequently Asked Questions or Contact Us. Otherwise, go to Registration and Access to get started with this course.

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