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Video demo: Online Certification Renewal for Food Managers

The online certification renewal course for food managers meets the Minnesota Department of Health's 4-hour learning requirement to renew Food Manager Certification. Back to main course page.

Watch a demonstration of the course below.

Online Certification Renewal for Food Managers Video

Welcome to the Certified Food Manager Renewal Course. Personalize your renewal course when you go online. Choose 4 of the 8 modules that best fit your establishment and training needs. Choose from the topics of Cleaning and Sanitizing, Cooling Principles, Emerging Trends, Personal Hygiene, Preventing Foodborne illness, & Ready-to-Eat foods.

Let's follow one of the new modules—Cooling Principles. Each module will have sections on basic information, activities, case study, certification, feedback and resources. Clicking on Activity will lead you through several examples to teach food safety within that topic. Select an answer. Choosing an answer will reinforce the food safety example. In this case 1 gallon of freshly made potato salad. To reinforce how serious cooling foods properly is a case study will lead you through an actual foodborne outbreak by the Minnesota Department of Health. An audio version of the case study can be heard by moving to the Click Here for Audio tab.

In order to receive a certificate of completion for each module click on Certification. There you will answer 5 questions. By answering 3 of the 5 questions correctly you will be able to print out a certificate for that module. To help us develop modules that provide quality food safety education we ask you to click on feedback and take the feedback survey. Returning to the home page will get you to the spot where you can contact us either via email or by phone. To get a token to begin the course or for course access questions visit the website you are currently on. To check on your computer requirements for using the online course click on the Help tab. Here you can also learn more about navigating the course including links to modules and sections and the previous and next buttons. The resource tab links you to resources for each of the modules. Here you will see another module, Preventing Foodborne Illness. These will actually bring you to the most current resources available on those links.

Hope to see you online soon.


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