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Preparing Safe Meals

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Follow Package Instructions When Cooking Frozen Foods

Suzanne Driessen

Instructions vary so read carefully

Recalls and foodborne illness outbreaks related to frozen convenience foods such as pot pies, meat pizzas and chicken entrees suggest that consumers must take the time to read and follow the cooking instructions on the package.

Frozen convenience food manufacturers spend time and money to research and test products for quality and safety. As a result, they provide cooking and safe food handling instructions to keep the product safe from freezer to plate. Instructions vary depending on the food product and whether the food contains raw or partially-cooked ingredients, or is ready-to-eat.

Salmonella associated with raw frozen chicken entrees

Due to Salmonella foodborne illness outbreaks linked to frozen chicken entrees, the Minnesota Department of Health and the Minnesota Department of Agriculture issued a consumer advisory statement advising against cooking frozen products with raw poultry in the microwave.

How to cook frozen convenience foods

When cooking frozen convenience foods, follow safe food handling practices:


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