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Pick Your Own Berries

Melissa Schwinghammer, University of Minnesota Extension intern

2008; Reviewed 2013 by Kathy Brandt, Extension Educator — Food Safety

If you have never shopped at a pick-your-own market, you may want to give it a try. With strawberries coming into season, and other berries soon to follow, now is a good time to start. Listen to the audio version (2:15).

According to an article from the Minnesota Institute for Sustainable Agriculture, it is estimated that the average American meal travels about 1,500 miles to get from farm to plate. This long distance, large-scale transportation of food consumes large quantities of fossil fuels. Transporting food over long distances also generates great quantities of carbon dioxide emissions. Retailers recoup fees for shipping, handling, and packaging of fruits and vegetables by passing this cost on to the consumer. Going to a pick-your-own farm is a good way to find less expensive and fresher berries.

Suggestions to follow when going to a pick-your-own farm include:

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