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Canning basics 5: Equipment used for home canning

William Schafer

  1. Range
  2. Pressure canner with rack, lid, and a dial gauge or weighted gauge
  3. Water bath canner with rack and lid
  4. Jars, lids, and screw bands
  5. Jar lifter for easy removal of hot jars from canner
  6. Funnel or jar filler to pack small food items into jars
  7. Bubble freer, plastic knife, or spatula. Do not use metal because it scratches glass which could cause it to break more easily.
  8. Lid wand with magnet on the end to transfer lids to top of jars.
  9. Clean cloths for wiping jars rims and general cleanup
  10. Knives for product preparation
  11. Timer or clock to determine end of processing time
  12. Clean towels, rack, or board on which to cool the hot jars after processing
  13. Hot pads
  14. Cutting board

Revised by Suzanne Driessen 2016

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