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Our newsletter started in the Fall of 2012. We hope to publish 3 to 4 newsletters annually and will be sending via email to food processing professionals. Please check the box next to "For Home Processors" then enter your name and email. Click on subscribe. Thanks!

The Food Safety team provides education to consumers and the foodservice industry to support healthy, sustainable, and safe food at home and away.

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outdoor eating

Cooking Safely for a Crowd

Planing a graduation party? A family reunion? Watch this 15 minute video to learn how to plan, prepare, and serve food in quantities safely. More

Featured Resources

cutting food on cutting board

Follow Package Instructions When Cooking Frozen Foods

Frozen food manufacturers spend time and money to research and test products for quality and safety. More

cutting food on cutting board

Freezer inventory

This inventory helps you keep track of what's in your freezer to prevent over storage of foods and loss of quality. More

cutting food on cutting board

Insect pests of stored food

Is it time to clean your pantry? Pantry pests are a common problem for insects to get into dried food that is stored in the home. More

cutting food on cutting board

Safe Food Sampling at Farmers' Markets

Class schedule, checklist, tips and worksheet for vendors and food demonstrators. More

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