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Our newsletter started in the Fall of 2012. We hope to publish 3 to 4 newsletters annually and will be sending via email to food processing professionals. Please check the box next to "For Home Processors" then enter your name and email. Click on subscribe. Thanks!

The Food Safety team provides education to consumers and the foodservice industry to support healthy, sustainable, and safe food at home and away.

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outdoor eating

2014 Tourism Course for Food Safety

Attention festival and event planners, tourism course features food safety at festivals. More

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Venison jerky is an easy to make flavorful snack. More...

Wash vegetables before use

Why wash fruits and vegetables before use

See why it's important to ensure fruits and vegetables are clean before use. More

Wash hands before glove use

Wash your hands before glove use

See why it's important to wash your hands before you put on gloves to prepare food. More

Wash hands before hand sanitizer use

How to use hand sanitizer safely

See the importance of washing your hands before using a hand sanitizer. More

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