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Our newsletter started in the Fall of 2012. We hope to publish 3 to 4 newsletters annually and will be sending via email to food processing professionals. Please check the box next to "For Home Processors" then enter your name and email. Click on subscribe. Thanks!

The Food Safety team provides education to consumers and the foodservice industry to support healthy, sustainable, and safe food at home and away.

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Food Safety Employee Training coming to three locations in May. See all of our Food Safety Courses.

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Are Green Eggs and Ham Safe to Eat?

Sometimes the egg yolk is green or the ham has a greenish tinge to it. What causes green eggs and ham? More

easter eggs

Safety of Hard Cooked Eggs for Dyeing

Does your family enjoys dyeing eggs for decorations, games, and eating? They are a perishable food and need to be handled accordingly. More

Handle Eggs Properly to Prevent Salmonella

To be safe, eggs must be properly handled, refrigerated, and cooked. More

How to Report a Foodborne Illness in Minnesota

Think something you ate made you sick reporting it could prevent others from getting sick. More

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