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Wellness Policies

School Food PoliciesPublic Health Law Center, William Mitchell College of Law

GENYOUth Foundation — This report addresses why nutrition and physical activity promote learning.

Feeding America’s Schoolchildren: Resources for Public Health and School StakeholdersPublic Health Law Center — An overview of legal and practical considerations impacting federal school nutrition programs.

Build Community Connections: Sample Farm to School Language for School Wellness PoliciesPurchasing Michigan Products: A Step-by-Step Guide, C.S. Mott Group for Sustainable Food Systems, Michigan State University

Sample policy outlines language for Farm to School policiesPublic Health Law & Policy — A new resource available online for download, designed for local communities to modify to meet their particular needs.

Oregon Farm to School and School Garden Policy Approach TemplateOregon Departments of Education and Agriculture — a resource to help implement farm to school policy approaches at the state level, particularly with state agencies.

Improving Health with School Wellness PoliciesCommunity Groundworks — Farm to school activity recommendations to include in wellness policies.

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