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Learn and contribute: Opportunities for military families

Consider participating in one of the following opportunities to learn about transitioning out of the military, wellness, or parenting. Each project has specific qualifications, so read carefully to see if you and your family meet the criteria.

ADAPT (After Deployment: Adaptive Parenting Tools)

ADAPT4U is a multi-site project being conducted by Dr. Abigail Gewirtz at the University of Minnesota with the support of both Minnesota and Michigan's military and is funded by the Department of Defense. The goal of ADAPT4U is to learn about family resilience, and develop tools to support parenting and resilience among military families coping with the stress of deployment and reintegration. This research will compare the effectiveness of the three different delivery formats (group, online, and telehealth) of a 14-week parenting program designed for military families.

Your family can participate if both of the following statements apply to you:

Parents and children will participate in four separate interviews in order to help us evaluate the effectiveness of each of the three delivery formats of ADAPT4U. These four interviews happen over the course of two years and are conducted in the family’s home. During these interviews our staff will have parents and children complete surveys, participate in some puzzles, games, and videotaped conversations among the family members. These activities help us learn directly from families what types of parenting support is most effective. Families are compensated up to $610 for their two-year participation in this research.

If you are interested in being part of this research, please call 612-624-4830 or visit ADAPT4U.

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