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Intergenerational Land Transfer

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Intergenerational Land Transfer Workshop

How do you pass your woodlands and your dreams to the next generation? Successful land transfers involve communication, knowledge of options, planning, and attention to detail. The Intergenerational Land Transfer Workshop will help families get started.

About the Workshop

The Intergenerational Land Transfer Workshop is divided into two parts. Part 1 focuses on your long-term vision and provides hands-on information about how to start the conversation with your family. Part 2 will focus on the legal and financial mechanisms that will help you and your family make your vision a reality.

The workshop is co-taught by University of Minnesota Extension Educators in Family Resource Management and Forestry, and by an attorney who has helped woodland owners start the process of land transfer.

Through this workshop and the related materials they will receive as part of this training, participants will learn:

This class satisfies Woodland Advisor credit WAC10, Legal & Financial Considerations.

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To see if there is a workshop scheduled, visit Woodlands Advisor. If there is not one schedule or you want more information about this workshop, Contact Us.

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