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Dollar Works 2

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Frequently Asked Questions

I already have the first version of Dollar Works. Do I need to purchase Dollar Works 2?

While Dollar Works 2 is based on the original Dollar Works curriculum, there have been significant updates and additions made to the original curriculum. Those who have the original Dollar Works would not have access to the four new units (Connecting Culture and Financial Resources, Saving and Investing, Managing Risk with Insurance, and Solving Consumer Problems) nor the evaluation components (including access to the new online system). Purchasing Dollar Works 2 would be money well spent to strengthen your financial education program.

Why would I use the enclosed Handouts CD to make copies vs. making copies from the curriculum pages?

There are three reasons:

How do I order a Dollar Works 2 product?

You can order Dollar Works 2 online here.

Can I review the curriculum before I purchase it?

Due to the curriculum and shipping costs, we can not send out "review" copies. Portions of the curriculum can be reviewed by:

I see that Dollar Works 2 has been "culturally adapted." What do you mean?

Prior to revising the original Dollar Works 2 curriculum, focus groups were conducted with Latino audiences to address the financial needs of this population group. Data from those focus groups as well as feedback from past users was analyzed and used to write and design Dollar Works 2. After completion, participant materials were translated into Spanish and reviewed/revised by a Latino staff member. English-sounding names were changed to Spanish-sounding names where appropriate. Lists of terms were designed to feature English and Spanish definitions side-by-side (accommodating bilingual individuals) and alternative terms were added (if different words are used in different Spanish-speaking countries) where necessary. An internet resource list for Spanish-speaking audiences was created and included in the curriculum Appendix.

Is Dollar Works 2 just for low income or low literacy audiences?

While all participant handouts are easy-to-use (intentionally written at a 5th grade reading level where possible, being paired with a list of terms, etc.), anyone can benefit by the content contained in Dollar Works 2. The curriculum is based on the assumption that personal financial management is a set of skills that must be learned. Even individuals who are comfortable with the United States banking system may need some targeted help in building skills related to saving and investing, managing credit and debt, or managing risks. Dollar Works 2 is a complete and flexible personal financial education program that trainers can use in multiple ways to meet the needs of their audiences.

I see Dollar Works 2 has twelve units. Do I need to use all of the units with an audience?

The curriculum can be used in any order, with one or all of the units being utilized depending on the learner. Each unit is self-contained so that instructors can teach any unit in the curriculum by following the outline on the first page-beginning with the teaching goal and ending with the evaluation. That being said, our research shows that you will have the greatest impact if you use more units. See more on our Program Impact and Feedback page.

Do I need to attend trainings to be successful with the curriculum?

Even though the training can strengthen knowledge and increase comfort with using the curriculum, it is not necessary to attend training to be successful with the curriculum. The curriculum provides information and a variety of tools for creating a successful learning experience.

How do I sign up for a Dollar Works 2 training?

Find out more about training opportunities on Trainer-the-Trainer Workshop.

Who can I contact for more information on Dollar Works 2?

If you have additional questions or need additional information that is not provided on this site, Contact Us.

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