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Who Gets Grandma's Yellow Pie Plate?™

What People Are Saying

"This realistic and sensible guide impressed me with its gentle honesty. All of us will leave this world one day. And we will leave behind a museum of ourselves for our loved ones to sort out. This no-nonsense workbook lovingly asks us to face the inevitable, and helps us get through the emotions, the memories, and the practicalities of distributing the collected stuff of a lifetime. Because we don't know what may happen tomorrow, everyone should read this today."

— Warren Hanson
Author of The Next Place and Older Love
St. Paul, Minnesota

"I found the information you offered useful and thought-provoking, and am now making regular mention of Who Gets Grandma's Yellow Pie Plate?™ to our clients. [It is] extraordinarily helpful to families."

— Paul Hogan
Certified Financial Planner and Advisor
Milwaukee, Wisconsin

"In the last months of her life, my mother and I poured over Who Gets Grandma’s Yellow Pie Plate?™ We made lists, laughed at items that were ridiculous to call valuable, and made decisions that have made our lives a joy at this time. Use this book. It can make something that could be hard into a marvelous gift for your family."

— Debra Fraiser
Author and illustrator of
On the Day You Were Born

"As executor for my mother's estate, I needed help. I never expected my sisters to act the way they did! This information helped us sort out what we wanted, talk about what we thought was fair, and consider different options. It wasn't easy, but we are still talking."

— Adult Daughter

"Who Gets Grandma's Yellow Pie Plate™ offers a step-by-step process family members can follow to discover and recognize one another's viewpoints and to understand how individuals value items and why. The workbook and video are resources for families nationwide as they struggle with the challenges of passing on personal possessions."

— St. Paul Pioneer Press

"Here's a gem of a guide to passing on personal possessions. Written in workbook form, it includes worksheets which can be photocopied for use with the whole family. It is both practical and value-based. I have used it with several of the families in business that I work with and highly recommend it as a great tool for deciding what's fair in distributing property among the family members."

— Family Business Consulting

"The Who Gets Grandma's Yellow Pie Plate?™ program assured me I have been doing the right thing."

— Elder Law Attorney

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