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Culture and Resources

Families make different decisions depending on the resources that they have access to. Culture has a big influence on how individuals utilize resources. If you were raised not to use a bank account, for example, you may find yourself facing day-to-day challenges that are different from you neighbor of a different culture.

If you or your organization assist others with personal, financial, and/or community resource use, it's important to understand the relationship between culture and resources.

Featured Resources

Latino Financial Literacy Annual Report

During 2015 the Latino Financial Literacy Team conducted 105 direct delivery classes engaging 2,2026 participants. (480 K PDF) More

March-April 2016 Latino Newsletter

Pay for prom and Quinceañera on a budget, get prepared for disasters, help teens move to an apartment, and more. English | español

Latino Financial Literacy Team — Our team provides answers and helps Minnesota's Latinos navigate financial systems. Individual and group education available. English | español

Building Awareness of Culture & Resources — Take-and-teach curriculum to help people expand family-serving professionals' capacity and broaden their perceptions of culture and resources. Available as free downloads.

Paying Cash: No Problem? — Some groups primarily pay in cash vs. other forms of payment; understand how to stay safe with cash.

Being Unbanked: What Is It? What Are the Implications? — Increase your awareness of the unbanked population and the issues that surround their situation.

Consulates in Minnesota — Review the three consulates available in Minnesota and get an overview of the 30 countries that comprise the Minnesota Consular Corps.

Sending Money Home: Remittance — Find out about remittances, the challenges of remittances, and why remittances are sent; particularly useful for people working with Latino groups.

Related Resources

Dollar Works 2 — Teach others how to manage their personal finances and make sound decisions with money. Resources in English and Spanish.

Dollar Works 2 Training for Latino Families — Training for Latino individuals or groups that uses Dollar Works 2 resources to help organize and manage your finances. English | español.

RentWise: Renter's Workbook and Organizer — A unique and practical resource helps you be a successful renter. English | español.

RentWise Training for Latino Families — One-on-one or group training for Latinos that uses RentWise resources to help you be a successful renter. English | español.

Supporting Agriculture Workers from Mexico: Balancing Work and Family DemandsUniversity of Minnesota Extension and Department of Family Social Science — Short videos, lesson plans, and activities help agriculture-sector employers better understand and support their workers from Spanish-speaking countries.

Additional Resources for Latino Families and Their Employers — Lists online resources in the areas of education and literacy, interpreting, human rights and immigration, and more.

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