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Culture and Resources

Families make different decisions depending on the resources that they have access to. Culture has a big influence on how individuals utilize resources. If you were raised not to use a bank account, for example, you may find yourself facing day-to-day challenges that are different from you neighbor of a different culture.

If you or your organization assist others with personal, financial, and/or community resource use, it's important to understand the relationship between culture and resources.

Featured Resource

November-December Latino Newsletter

Choose the right health insurance for your family, make the most of parent-teacher conferences, keep holiday spending on track, and more. English | español

The following resources will help you learn about our Latino Financial Literacy team and how culture affects use of financial resources.

Paying Cash: No Problem? — Some groups primarily pay in cash vs. other forms of payment; understand how to stay safe with cash.

Being Unbanked: What Is It? What Are the Implications? — Increase your awareness of the unbanked population and the issues that surround their situation

Consulates in Minnesota — Review the three consulates available in Minnesota and get an overview about the 18 countries which comprise the Minnesota Consular Corps.

Sending Money Home: Remittance — Find out about remittances, the challenges of remittances, and why remittances are sent; particularly useful for people working with Latino groups.

Related Resources

Dollar Works 2 — Teach others how to manage their personal finances and make sound decisions with money. Resources in English and Spanish.

Dollar Works 2 Training for Latino Families — Training for Latino individuals or groups that uses Dollar Works 2 resources to help organize and manage your finances. Also in Spanish.

RentWise: Renter's Workbook and Organizer — A unique and practical resource helps you be a successful renter. Also in Spanish.

RentWise Training for Latino Families — One-on-one or group training for Latinos that uses RentWise resources to help you be a successful renter. Also in Spanish.

Supporting Agriculture Workers from Mexico: Balancing Work and Family DemandsUniversity of Minnesota Extension and Department of Family Social Science — Short videos, lesson plans, and activities help agriculture-sector employers better understand and support their workers from Spanish-speaking countries.

Additional Resources for Latino Families and Their Employers — Lists online resources in the areas of education and literacy, interpreting, human rights and immigration, and more.

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