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Dollar Works 2

Evaluation Resources

The Dollar Works 2 curriculum includes several resources to help evaluate your program and meet educational goals. You as the program instructor decide what evaluation process is most appropriate given the educational setting.


"Feedback" includes general information (number of participants, etc.) and the participant (“learner”) response to the learning environment (room set-up, time of the program, general feelings about the learning experience, etc.). A tool for gathering this level of information is not included in the curriculum because sponsoring agencies or groups usually provide their own tool for this information. If no tool is available, learners can be asked to provide additional comments on the end-of-unit or end-of-series evaluations that are included in the curriculum.


The curriculum includes tools to measure two types of outcomes.

Use the end-or-unit or end-of-series evaluation tool(s) to gather this level of evaluation data. In order to accurately assess intermediate outcomes, you generally need to have three or more hours of training in an educational setting with learners.

Program Impact

“Program impact” refers to learners’ responses about how they have actually changed their behavior. Use the pre- and 4-to-6 week post-assessment tool to gather information about the actual change of behavior. These can be adapted for the specific program goals and units taught during the series.


With the 2009 printing of Dollar Works 2, slight changes were made to the Dollar Works 2 evaluations. Changes are being made to the online reporting system to match these new evaluations. If you have used the older versions of the evaluations and want to enter data into the online reporting system, you will still be able to without any difficulties. If, however, you are about to start a new program, please print the newer versions of the evaluations using the following links. They will allow you to use all of the reporting fields in the online reporting system.

Assessment Page A-1: English | Spanish

Assessment Page A-2: English | Spanish

Evaluation Page E-1: English | Spanish

Evaluation Page E-2: English | Spanish

Evaluation Page E-3: English | Spanish

End of Unit 2 Evaluation: English | Spanish

End of Unit 3 Evaluation: English | Spanish

End of Unit 4 Evaluation: English | Spanish

End of Unit 5 Evaluation: English | Spanish

End of Unit 6 Evaluation: English | Spanish

End of Unit 7 Evaluation: English | Spanish

End of Unit 8 Evaluation: English | Spanish

End of Unit 9 Evaluation: English | Spanish

End of Unit 10 Evaluation: English | Spanish

End of Unit 11 Evaluation: English | Spanish

End of Unit 12 Evaluation: English | Spanish

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