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Planning for Health Care

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Health Care Directives Workshop

Do you have a group of people who need basic information about planning for future health care decisions? Then the Health Care Directive Workshop is for you!

University of Minnesota Extension Educators can deliver this workshop to your group. Whether you are an employer, human resources director, clinic administrator, community organization leader, church director, or other community leader, we can help your participants start to think about and act towards creating a health care directive.

About the Workshop

This one-hour workshop will help participants learn the basics about planning for future health care decisions by creating a health care directive. Through this workshop and the related materials they will receive as part of this training, participants will learn:

After participating in the workshop, participants are expected to take one or more of the following actions:

This workshop can be customized for your group and can be delivered in-person or online.

Schedule a Workshop Today!

For more information about this workshop or to schedule the Health Care Directives Workshop for your group, Contact Us.

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