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Children need frequent verbal support. Praise children often on their school work, progress and efforts. Let them know that you care about home and how they do in school. This increases their self-confidence and helps them do better in school.

Talk to your children about school work and activities. Keep in touch with their teachers.

All children do better in school when parents are involved in their education and learning. They are also more likely to continue their education after graduation.

Praise that Builds a Child’s Self-Esteem — In an effort to enhance their children's self-esteem, parents should use praise to recognize the efforts and accomplishments of their children.

What Can Parents Do to Strengthen Parent-School Connections? — Children do best when parents are connected to their children’s school in meaningful ways.

Problems at School — How to look for earlier indications of problems and what to do when there are problems with your child at school.

Partnering for School Success — This Positive Parenting video features Extension Educator, Kathleen Olson.

Other Recommended Resources

Growing Up Resilient Webinar — Recorded webinar for parents and parent educators that discusses what resilience is and how we can build resilience in children.

Research: Support — Research summary for professionals shows how support leads to positive academic achievement for elementary and secondary level students.

School accommodation and modification ideas for students who receive special education servicesPACER Center — An action sheet for making accommodations for and modifications to textbooks and curriculum, the classroom environment, instructions and assignments, and more.

Basic Disability Etiquette TipsPACER Center — Things to keep in mind when interacting with people with disabilities.

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