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Children need a variety of learning options at home, at school, and within the community. Children have more opportunity for school success when they are exposed to various tools for learning such as reading materials, access to clubs and organizations, varied teaching strategies, and time to practice/master new skills.

The following resources can help you get started.

Homework: How to Help — Guidelines for helping children with homework.

Learning Opportunities to Discover — Tips to help support your child’s learning away from school.

TV Watching — How much TV should your child be watching, why to limit it, and tips for limiting TV time.

Video Games: A Problem or a Blessing? — Tips for ensuring that video games work for and not against children.

Children Home Alone — Self-care can be a rewarding experience for children who are ready for it.

Helping Children Become Responsible — The idea of teaching responsibility to children in our society and culture has changed, but some of the basics remain from generation to generation.

Children and Youth Learn and Develop when Volunteering — Volunteering can help families learn new skills, teach responsibility, and bring them closer together. English | español

Vacation: A Learning Experience — The more positive and constructive learning experiences children have outside of school, the better they do in school.

Related Resources

Teaching Children Money Habits for Life (177 K PDF) — Questions to help parents focus discussion about money and children.

Research: Learning — Research summary for professionals discusses the variety of learning options available to youth in the home, at school, and within the community.

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