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About the Program

Parents give advice.

Getting Started

Minnesota ranks 37th in graduation rates for students of color. Research by Christenson & Sheridan (2001) showed that there are six factors that affect school success but it was unclear as to how approach these factors within specific cultural groups in Minnesota.

In 2008 the Extension Center for Family Development partnered with the Children, Youth & Family Consortium to explore culture and school success. Specifically we were interested about school success in the following cultural groups: Caucasian, Latino, African American, Somali, Hmong, and American Indian. Funding was partially provided by the McKnight Foundation.

A team of program educators and administrators, research and evaluation specialists, and cultural guides formed to research and address this topic. The cultural guide process is a unique approach that can provide valuable insight and connection when preparing culturally appropriate resources. The team members included the following people.

Program team:

Applied Research and Evaluation team:

Cultural guides:

The team conducted a series of focus groups with parents and service providers in each of the cultural groups. The team then analyzed the results and made recommendations for the type of information the cultural group needed most as well as the best format to reach them through.

Where We Are Now

Partnering for School Success (PSS) is program that was developed as a result of these research and outreach efforts. PSS offers research-based training and practical ideas and tools for schools and parents to increase effective parent involvement with their children’s learning, both in school and at home. The core content that makes up the PSS program is more than culturally-adapted; it has been co-created with the target cultural group.

We continue to develop, test, and validate the training and/or educational resources that were created as part of the PSS project. Future work includes:

As a continuation of this work, we started a five year CYFAR project to continue to expand the efforts of our Latino program. We are actively seeking other funding and partnerships to further develop our other cultural projects.

For more information on the Partnering for School Success program, Contact Us.

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