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Parents Forever™: The Impact of Divorce on Children Parent Handbook

Rose M. Allen, Ellie M. McCann, Joanne L. Musich, and Minnell L. Tralle, Extension Educators — Family Relations

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This product is currently being revised. A new version will be available spring 2014.

March 2013

This booklet gives an overview of the emotions and reactions children typically experience when their parents divorce. Intended for divorcing, separating, and never-been-married parents, it explains the cycle of grief children experience while adjusting to their losses and the helpful parental responses that can assist children through the divorce transition according to the age of the children. One in five in the Parents Forever™ Handbook series, this 84-page booklet features ample room for parents to take notes and useful parent worksheets. See the "Contents" section below for samples from this booklet.


06772 Cover
  • Introduction (488 K PDF)
  • The Journey Through Family Transition
  • What Affects a Child's Adjustment to Divorce?
  • How to Talk to Your Children About Divorce
  • Grief and Loss
    • Is There a Difference Between Divorce and Death?
    • How Loss Affects My Child
    • Ambiguous Loss
    • When Children Cycle Through Grief and Loss
  • Psychological Tasks for Children Experiencing Divorce
  • Family Transition: What Children Need from Their Parents as They Grow
    • The Early Years
      • Infants (Birth to About 18 Months)
      • Toddlers (18 Months to 3 Years)
      • Preschool (3 to 5 Years)
    • The Elementary Years
      • Early Elementary (6 to 8 Years)
      • Late Elementary (9 to 12 Years)
    • Adolescence
    • Young Adults
  • What My Child Needs
  • Divorce and Family Transition: Through Your Child's Eyes
  • Emotion Coaching: A Tool to Help Your Child (766 K PDF)
  • "Games" Parents Play
    • Are You Working With or Against the Other Parent?
    • What Are the "Games" Parents Play?
  • Respect for the Other Parent Is a Gift You Give Your Child
  • Abandonment
    • Abandonment Happens in Different Ways
    • What to Say to Your Child About Abandonment
  • Are You Alienating Your Child from Their Other Parent?
  • Strengthening Your Communication Skills
    • "I" Messages
    • Active Listening
06772 Cover
  • Children's Rights and Parents' Responsibilities
  • Building Your Co-parenting Relationship
  • Four Approaches to Co-parenting Relationships
  • Parallel Parenting
  • Co-parenting Is Your Business
  • Parenting for Families in Transition
    • Parenting Styles
    • How Positive Is Your Parenting Style?
  • Parenting Tools
  • Strategies for Shared Parenting
  • Custody
  • Parenting Time: Through Your Child's Eyes
  • Parenting Plans
  • Conclusion
  • Important Information About Our Child
  • References
  • Notes
  • Copyright Information


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