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Games Divorcing Parents Play Webinar

Are you a parent, someone who works with parents, or someone with important youth in your life? Have you ever wondered how you could better understand and support the parents who are divorcing and the children of divorce that are in your life? If so, then the Games Divorcing Parents Play webinar is for you!

Ellie McCann, Extension Educator in Family Relations, has worked closely with family professionals, divorcing parents, and youth as part of the Parents Forever™ program. In this webinar, Ellie addresses some of the games divorcing parents may play that can negatively affect their children. After reading a fact sheet and viewing a video, you will be able to listen in on a group discussion on best practices for working with families experiencing these behaviors.

This webinar was presented in August 2013 and is available on this website as a recording. It will take about a half-hour to complete. A certificate of completion is available after completion.

How do I get started?

To get started, read the following resource: Games Divorcing Parents Play (259 K PDF)

You are then ready to watch the recorded webinar.

Afterwards, please take a few moments to complete the closing survey. This information will help us determine other webinars that may interest you in the future.

After completing the closing survey, you will be able to download your certificate of attendance.

This webinar was hosted by Ellie McCann, Extension Educator — Family Relations. For more information, please contact Ellie McCann.

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