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Start Teaching Parents Forever™

What is Required to Teach in My Community?

Getting started with offering Parents Forever™ classes takes some planning work up front. Follow these steps to get started.

  1. Identify one or more people as Parents Forever™ trainers. Have the trainer(s) Get Trained to Teach Parents Forever™.
  2. Get a copy of the Parents Forever™ curriculum. If more than one person will be training, more than one copy of the curriculum may be desired. The complete curriculum includes a program notebook, DVD and guide, and educator guides and parent handbooks for each of the units. Some parent materials are also available in Spanish (Padres para siempre). By using the curriculum, you will meet all 25 minimum standards required in parent education classes for divorcing parents by Minnesota Statute 518.157.
  3. Work with your agency to develop a plan for delivering the program that meets the following requirements:
    • Safety — There must be a way to provide separate training sites for divorcing couples (ie. one room for the husband and one for the wife). In addition, each site needs to have a plan in place to insure the security and safety of all participants.
    • Fees — Participant fees should be as inexpensive as possible. A sliding fee option must be offered.
    • Child Care — Child care should be available either at training sites or through vouchers. Onsite child care needs to be structured in order to insure the safety and security of the children.
    • Reporting to the Court — Every Parents Forever™ program offered in Minnesota needs to provide a certificate of completion to each participant. The certificate must include the court case number, the participant’s name, and the dates of attendance. The court may also request verification of a participant’s completion of the program from the agency.
    • Accessibility and Language Needs — The classes must accommodate people with disabilities and be accessible to non-English speaking audiences.
  4. Work with your local Family Court administrator and judges to market the program and create a system to communicate with the court about participant compliance. There are suggestions for doing so in the Parents Forever™ curriculum.
  5. Stay connected with the Parents Forever™ website to hear about new resources and additional professional development opportunities.

To get started, Get Trained to Teach Parents Forever™ or get a copy of the Parents Forever™ Curriculum.

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