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For families

Short video helps you decide.

Which course is for you: In-person or online?

Parents can either take the online or in-person version of the Parents Forever™ course. Both versions are thoughtfully designed to best meet the needs of both parents and their children and are based on the same content. Both meet all 25 minimum standards required by Minnesota Statute 518.157 for Minnesota court-ordered education. (The North Dakota version of the online course does not meet Minnesota requirements.)

Depending on your personal situation and learning style, one of the versions may be a better fit for you. Review the table below to see the differences between the two versions.

In-Person Online
Offered by Independently-operated local programs in Minnesota University of Minnesota Extension
Availability Varies by program; in most Minnesota counties 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
Course Length Varies by program; minimum of 8 hours Depends on user’s pace; minimum of 8 hours (4.5 hours for North Dakota version)
Course Agenda See the "In-Person" tab of What will you learn? See the "Online" tab of What will you learn?
Cost Varies by program; reduced fee options vary by program. See Do you qualify for a reduced fee? $89 for standard version. See Do you qualify for a reduced fee?
$69 for North Dakota version; reduced fees are not available.
Requirements Paper and pen; all other materials are provided
Format Benefits
  • Group interaction and learning opportunities.
  • Connection to additional local agencies and resources.
  • Teaching can be adjusted to individual participant’s needs.
  • Available to anyone, anywhere, with an internet connection.
  • Access to information controlled by user; can be completed as quickly or slowly as needed.

To sign up for an in-person Parents Forever™ class in Minnesota, visit In-person course.

For more information on the online course, see Parents Forever™ online course for parents or Parents Forever™ online course for North Dakota parents.

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