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Taking care of your children

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Building Stronger Parent-child relationships During Transitions

An important factor in being able to help your children through the divorce, separation, or custody change is your own parenting. Family transitions are a great time to assess your own parenting and become the parent you've always wanted to be. Understanding your children's needs and wants, as well as your own, is a step toward strengthening the parent-child relationship.

The resources on this page will help you strengthen your parenting skills and parent-child relationships, and improve balance in your family's life.

What to Expect

Four Parenting Styles (VIDEO) (2:58) — Your parenting style can affect your children’s well-being. Watch this short video to learn about the four most common types of parenting styles.

What Is Your Parenting Style? Quiz — Once you understand the difference between the different types of parenting styles, take this self-assessment to identify your dominant parenting style.

How Do You and Your Children Shape Each Other? (PDF) — Experts agree that the parent-child relationship is a two-way street: you influence your children and your children influence you. As you reflect on what this means for your own relationships, keep in mind your children's rights and your responsibilities as a parent. Part of the Parents Forever™ Parent Handbook.

Helping Children Understand DivorceUniversity of Missouri Extension — Your children may or may not know the details about your divorce. Regardless of what they have seen or heard, it’s important that you help them understand what is happening and what to expect in the future.

How to Talk to Your Children About Family Transition — A big change like divorce or transition is difficult for everyone, especially the children. Get tips for talking to your children about the transition, the right way.

What You Can Do

Activities for Helping Children Deal with DivorceUniversity of Missouri Extension — There are simple things that you can do to help your children deal with the post-divorce transition. The described activities enable you to help your children work through their feelings, concerns, and frustrations regarding the divorce.

Children Moving Between Two Households — Getting used to living in two homes can be difficult for anyone, especially children. Follow these easy steps to help your children's transition between two households go more smoothly.

Families with Teens: Parent Resources — Web resources that help you strengthen parent-teen relationships by improving communication and decision-making skills.

Children and Money: Teaching Children Money Habits for Life (PDF) — How to teach children about money starting when they are young.

Grandparents and Kin Raising Children — Review some of the more common problems that occur when grandparents or kin raise children. Resources are available to help families in this situation.

Related resources

Building Stronger Parent-child relationships — Strengthen your own relationships with your children to help them succeed in school.

Parenting in the Age of Overindulgence — Overindulgence is giving a child "too much." Identify and prevent overindulgence in your home.

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