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Parents Forever™ Online Course for Parents

Registration and Access

Note: This is our regular online course. You may also be interested in the Registration and Access information for our North Dakota version of the course.


You can gain immediate access to this course by following these simple instructions.

Step 1: Ensure that your computer is ready to take the course

To maximize the use of the course, you will need to download Mozilla Firefox, Adobe Reader, and Adobe Flash Player (8.0 or higher) if you do not already have them on your computer. This software is free but will require you to have administrative rights on your computer.

You will also need to disable your pop-up blocker and make sure your audio is working on your computer.

To test if your computer is ready, see Is My Computer Ready to Take the Course?

Step 2: If the course has been required, get judge/attorney pre-approval

This course has been approved by the Minnesota Supreme Court, but because it is a fairly new offering, some judges/attorneys may not be familiar with the course. Even though most parents have had no difficulty getting the course accepted, we still recommend that you check that your judge/attorney will accept the online version of the course (before registering) if it has been required. (Your judge/attorney may be interested in Online Course Approved by Minnesota Supreme Court.)

Step 3: See if you qualify for a reduced fee

Per Minnesota Statute 518.157, subd. 6 if a parent is determined by the court to be in forma pauperis, the parent is not required to pay the parent education program fee. A sliding fee scale is also offered for parents who do not have court-ordered IFP status but cannot afford to pay the full fee. Think you qualify for a reduced fee? Apply for a reduced fee now.

Step 4: Register

You will register through the College of Continuing Education online registration system. This system is only compatible with Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer web browsers and does use pop-ups.

Follow the instructions and provide the required information. This registration system will:

Need more guidance in registering? See screen captures (627 K PDF) of each registration system page.

Step 5: Access the course

After you register, you will receive a link to access the online course.

After this step has been completed, you can access the online course at anytime and complete it at your leisure within the 60 day allotment. Remember, use Mozilla Firefox with the course to maximize course functionality. Once in the course, set your pop-up blocker to allow related course pages so that you can access all course content.

You may wish to save the direct course link in your internet browser favorites. Alternatively, you can go to your MyU page, log in with your Internet ID/password, and click on your “my COURSES” tab. This course, in addition to any other UMN online course you have signed up for, will be listed on this web page. (Please note, there may be up to a 12 hour delay from when you register and when the course appears on your MyU course page. You should be able to access the online course immediately however by clicking the direct course link.)

Having registration and/or course access problems? We can help!

For more information see Parents Forever™ Online Course for Parents.

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