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Creating a Parenting Plan

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We Agree: Creating a Parenting Plan

Research says that children do best when both of their parents are involved in their lives. When families change through separation, divorce, re-marriage, or a paternity action, a whole new set of challenges arises for parents and their children. A parenting plan can help parents successfully co-parent in these situations. Some states, like Minnesota, may require the creation of a parenting plan depending the family's situation.

We Agree: Creating a Parenting Plan helps parents make child-focused decisions about parenting. It includes a worksheet that will help them create a parenting plan that describes living arrangements, parenting time, rules, education, and other day-to-day and long-term issues. In addition, the publication addresses how to change the plan and deal with disagreements about the decisions.

Trainings for Professionals

Do you work with families who are parenting apart? A 90 minute workshop is available on We Agree: Creating a Parenting Plan. If you would like to discuss scheduling a training, Contact Us.

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Minnesota Statute 518.1705 — Find out more about the Minnesota statute that allows creating parenting plans as part of parents legal agreement for the future care of their children.

Minnesota Statute 518.175 — Reviews the Minnesota statute on the protection of parenting time to maintain a child to parent relationship that will be in the best interests of the child.


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