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Classes for Parents

Short video helps you decide.

Which Class is for You: Online or In-Person?

Parents can either take the online or in-person version of Parents Forever™. Both versions of the class are thoughtfully designed to best meet the needs of parents going through a family transition like divorce or separation. Both versions are based on the same content and take a minimum of 8 hours (4.5 for the North Dakota version) to complete. Both meet all 25 minimum standards required by Minnesota Statute 518.157 for Minnesota court-ordered education. (The North Dakota version does not meet Minnesota requirements.)

That being said, there are a number of differences between the online and in-person versions. Depending on your personal situation and/or learning style, one of the versions may be best for you. Click on the two tabs below to see the differences between the two versions.


Offered by: University of Minnesota Extension
Availability: Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
Course length: Depends on user’s pace; minimum of 8 hours (4.5 hours for North Dakota version)
Breakdown of class time: See the online class tab of What Will You Learn?

$89.00; see if you qualify for a reduced fee for our regular online course
$69.00 for the North Dakota version; currently no discounted rates are available

Requirements: Reliable computer and internet connection; should be comfortable with online learning; requires 5th-8th grade reading level in English; see other technical requirements
Pros:Available to anyone, anywhere, with internet connection. Access to information controlled by user; can be completed quickly or slowly as needed. Consistent information presented every time.

For more information, see Parents Forever™ Online Course for Parents or Parents Forever™ Online Course for North Dakota Parents.

Applies to Minnesota only

Offered by: Independently operated local programs
Availability:Varies by program
Course length:Varies by program; minimum of 8 hours
Breakdown of class time: See the in-person class tab of What Will You Learn?
Cost:Varies by program; all accept IFPs and many offer sliding scales
Requirements:Paper and pen; all other materials are provided
Pros:Group interaction and learning opportunities. Connection to additional local agencies and resources. Teaching can be adjusted to individual participant’s needs. Reduced fees possible.


To sign up for an in-person Parents Forever™ class, see:

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