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Family development online courses

Is my computer ready to take the course?

If you are taking an online course through the Moodle course platform, prepare your computer for registering and/or taking a course in six steps.

Firefox and Chrome Browser LogoStep 1: Use the Right Web Browser

Moodle courses work best with the Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome web browsers. While you can view the course with other web browsers (Internet Explorer, Safari, Chrome, etc.), you may run into some problems. For a problem-free experience, please use the Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome web browsers for both course registration and access.

Download a free copy of either browser by visiting their websites and follow the instructions for installing the browser on your computer.

Step 2: Ensure You Can View Pop-ups

Many of the online course require you to access information that appears as a “pop-up.” You may have your computer set-up so that you cannot readily see pop-ups. You have a couple of different options for viewing pop-ups. Click on the link below to learn how to disable pop-ups in the browser you are using.

pdf iconStep 3: Ensure You Can View PDF Files

This course uses a number of PDF resources. To view the PDF files, you need Adobe Reader.

To see if you have Adobe Reader installed, try opening this PDF file. If you can see it, you have everything you need.

If you can't view it, download Adobe Reader from the Adobe site. Follow the site's instructions for installing Adobe Reader on your computer.

Flash logoStep 4: Make Sure You Have Adobe Flash Player

Any videos, Adobe presentations, and interactive exercises used in this course use the Adobe Flash Player. If you can see the "Flash is installed" animation below, you have the Adobe Flash Player installed on your system.

If you can't see the animation above, download the Adobe Flash Player from the Adobe site. Follow the site's instructions for installing the player on your computer.

Still having problems? Check that your browser is either Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome and you are using a Windows operating system.

Please note that Flash is not available for iPads. Use a different computer for these sections or read the PDF version as they are offered.

Step 5: Make Sure You Can Play Audio

mp3 logo

You should see a grey box with a play button below. If you do not see the grey box, please refer to Step 4 — the audio requires Flash.

Audio clips also require use of internal or external computer speakers. Press the play button play button. If you hear the audio file below, you are set up to listen to the audio. If you do not have speakers, you can read transcripts of the audio as they are offered.

Step 6: Download Course Documents

Each browser handles files differently. Visit the How to Download Internet Documents page for tips on how to set up your browser to download documents automatically.

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