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If you suddenly find yourself in a caretaker role for someone you love, you most likely will be faced with lots of questions and tasks that need to be accomplished. It helps to have access to additional resources, tools, and insight from other families going through the same situation.

Supporting Caregivers — Family caregiving often starts with running errands managing legal and financial affairs, but it can escalate into more complex and intimate tasks if the health of the person needing care declines.

Dollar Value of Caregivers — Unpaid caregivers provide by far the majority of long-term services and supports received by persons with disabilities of all ages.

Caregiving Crisis Financial Management Basics — Family caregivers may face the task of managing a family elder's finances. This adds additional anxiety to an already emotional time.

Other Recommended Resources

Healthy Futures — How to navigate long term care, healthy insurance, and creating a health care directive.

Health Insurance — Long term planning helps ensure that you and your family have the resources to cover healthcare-related costs.

Powerful Tools for Caregivers — A self-care education program for family caregivers.

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