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Parenting In the Age of Overindulgence Online Course

About the Course

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Parenting In the Age of Overindulgence online course presents evidence based research in a new way. The course was developed by a multidisciplinary team to provide practical parenting tools and relatable situations to parents and influential adults. It may also be used by professionals as a tool or resource when working with families.

What is the research behind Parenting In the Age of Overindulgence?

Since 1996, Jean Illsley Clarke, PhD, Connie Dawson, PhD, and David Bredehoft, PhD have collaborated on the Overindulgence Research Project. They have completed ten research studies with over 3,500 research participants that have provided insight into childhood overindulgence and its subsequent effect on adults. They have co-authored and revised this research into practical implications and potential applications in the book How Much is Too Much? Raising Likeable, Responsible, Respectful Children — From Toddlers to Teens — In an Age of Overindulgence.

Clarke, J. I., Dawson, C., & Bredehoft, D. (2014). How much is too much? Raising likeable, responsible, respectful children — from toddlers to teens — in an age of overindulgence (2nd ed.). Boston, MA: Da Capo Press.

Some course components were developed based on materials used in the How Much is Too Much? book and leaders’ guide for facilitating in-person classes. The full course had a professional review of content and presentation as well as a Think Aloud user review and course revision.

How was this course developed?

Jean Illsley Clarke and her assistant, fellow parent educator Lisa Krause, worked with a multidisciplinary team of four Extension Educators in the Center for Family Development. Educators work in areas of Health and Nutrition (Kelly Kunkel), Family Resource Management (Rebecca Hagen Jokela) and Family Resilience (Brianna Routh and Ellie M. McCann).

The goal of this team was to increase parents’ self awareness and promote self-efficacy to make changes to reduce overindulgence in their parenting.

The factors that influenced the content and presentation of information included the following:

  1. Provide an online source for overindulgence education for a digital generation of parents
  2. Connect with parents experiencing a diverse range of situations (child age, socioeconomic status, gender, cultural background etc.)
  3. Address multiple learning styles and incorporate the adult learning theory throughout
  4. Meet video best practices for short, fast-paced, solutions-based clips
  5. Ensure participants are left with tools to identify and address overindulgence in their lives

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