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Healthy & Fit on the Go

These easy-to-use tip sheets will help keep you and your family healthy and fit when you're on the go. They can also be used as part of a worksite wellness program or by health educators.

Healthy Eating | Physical Activity | Healthy Lifestyle

Healthy Eating

Eating on the Road (PDF) — Keep your good habits by making good food choices while traveling or eating away from home.

How to Choose Fast Food (PDF) — Learn how to fit fast food into a healthy diet. Includes information on sodium.

Planning Meals on the Go (PDF) — Think ahead with our list of take-along foods.

Portion Power (PDF) — Restaurant portions and place settings can lead to overeating; work on new healthy habits today!

Simply Snacks (PDF) — Look no further for quick and healthy snack ideas to take on the go.

Better Beverages (PDF) — You need at least 6-8 glasses of fluid each day, but not all beverages are created equal.

Dietary Guidelines (PDF) — Foods to eat more of and foods to eat less of to reduce and prevent overweight and obesity.

Physical Activity

Physical Activity: How Much Do You Need? (PDF) — A handy reference for how much and what kind of physical activity to get every week.

In the Car Exercises (PDF) — Simple exercises that can be done in the car, air, or anywhere.

Pedometers (PDF) — A pedometer is an easy way to motivate and measure your progress toward your physical activity goals.

Strength Training (PDF) — How to achieve increased muscle fitness and bone strength safely and effectively.

Resistance Bands (PDF) — Use resistance bands to keep your muscles in shape.

Balance (PDF) — Good balance is essential for safely performing daily activities and avoiding injury.

Balance Balls (PDF) — Tips for selecting the right size ball and exercise suggestions to improve your core strengthening and balance.

Ergonomics and Back Health (PDF) — Learn how to set up your workplace and your work day to support your comfort and safety.

Healthy Lifestyle

Goal-Setting (PDF) — A step-by-step process for setting realistic goals. Includes a Goals Worksheet.

Healthy Decision-Making (PDF) — Ideas for changing your environment to help change your habits.

Stress Relief (PDF) — Techniques to manage stress and warning signs for when you might need more help.

Basic Yoga (PDF) — Practice yoga in your chair for relaxation of your mind and body. Also available in Spanish: Rutina básica del yoga (PDF)

Nearly Free Family Fun (PDF) — It doesn’t have to cost a lot to stay active and have fun together as a family. Also available in Spanish: Diversion familiar casi gratuita (PDF)

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