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recipe box

Eat Smart

The Recipe Box

Enjoy food from your own kitchen — it's quick, economical, easy, and delicious. Recipes in The Recipe Box include tips on preparation, ideas about how to get kids involved, and options for changing the flavor or nutritional profile.


Autumn Oatmeal (305 K PDF)
Banana Cakes (315 K PDF)
Banana Oatmeal (312 K DPF)
Blueberry Breakfast Parfait (302 K PDF)
Buckwheat Crepes (308 K PDF)
Instant Oatmeal Mix (236 K PDF)
Pancake Camp Mix (308 K PDF)
Pancake Mix (311 K PDF)
Pumpkin Oatmeal (286 K PDF)
Pumpkin Pancakes (310 K PDF)
Rabbit Pancakes (315 K PDF)
Whole Grain Pancake Mix (277 K PDF)


Black Bean and Corn Salsa (243 K PDF)
Cottage Cheese Veggie Dip (300 K PDF)
Easy Hummus Dip (146 K PDF)
Farmers Market Salsa (305 K PDF)
Fresh Peach Salsa (553 K PDF)
Jicama Black Bean Dip (300 K PDF)
Pumpkin Dip (304 K PDF)


Cheese Soup (307 K PDF)
Condensed Cream Soup Substitute (232 K PDF)
Condensed Soup Mix (224 K PDF)
Hearty Chicken Vegetable Soup
(229 K PDF)
Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup (236 K PDF
Homemade Chicken Stock (243 K PDF
Lentil Vegetable Soup (306 K PDF)
Macaroni and Chickpea Soup (310 K PDF)
Pumpkin and Black Bean Soup (236 K PDF)
Pumpkin Potato Soup (321 K PDF)
Taco Soup (270 K PDF)
Tuscan White Bean, Sausage, and Kale Soup (236 K PDF)
Vegetable Chili (316 K PDF)


Avocado White Bean Wrap (310 K PDF)
Barbeque Pork Sandwich (303 K DF)
Basic Stir Fry (287 K PDF)
Beef Tacos (304 K PDF)
Cheesy Chicken Enchilada Bake (280 K PDF)
Chicken and Fruit Wraps (326 K PDF)
Chicken Curry Brown Rice Casserole (235 K PDF)
Easy Macaroni Goulash (246 K PDF)
Low Fat Fettuccini Alfredo (302 K PDF)
Make Your Own Casserole (311 K PDF
Make Your Own Pasta Salad (300 K PDF)
Micki's Meatballs (342)
Oven Baked Fish (305 K PDF)
Pasta Provencal (392 K PDF)
Perfect Turkey (287 K PDF)
Pinto Bean Beef Tacos (308 K PDF)
Roast Chicken (227 K PDF)
Shepherd's Pie (293 K PDF)
Simple Southwestern Tuna (328 K PDF)
Skillet Lasagna (307 K PDF)
Sloppy Joes (318 K PDF)
Sweet and Sour Chicken (237 K PDF)
Tuna Bean Supreme (444 K PDF)
Turkey Quesadilla (230 K PDF)
Vegetable Chicken Rollups (343 K PDF)
Wild Rice Hot Dish (215 K PDF)


Blueberry Smoothies (300 K PDF)
Fruit Smoothie (317 K PDF)
Grapefruit Fruit Smoothie (305 K PDF)
Hot Cocoa Mix (302 K PDF)
Orange Julius (263 K PDF)


Baked Potato Fries (237 K PDF)
Baked Stuffed Squash (310 K PDF)
Baked Tomato Slices (212 K PDF)
Broccoli (309 K PDF)
Buttercup Apple Casserole (386 K PDF)
Easy Kale Bacon (320 K PDF)
Mashed Potatoes with Butternut Squash (226 K PDF)
Refried Beans (275 K PDF)
Roasted Root Vegetables (236 K PDF)
Vegetable Blast (250 K PDF)


Apple Cabbage Salad (312 K PDF)
Apple Spinach Salad (313 K PDF)
Apple Waldorf Salad (232 K PDF)
Broccoli Grape Salad (392 K PDF)
Broccoli Mandarin Orange Salad (295 K PDF)
Chopped Salad (300 K PDF)
Citrus Salad with Lemon Yogurt (235 K PDF)
Corn and Bean Salad (319 K PDF)
Crunchy Corn Salad (325 K PDF)
Egg Salad (284 K PDF)
Fruit Coleslaw (311 K PDF)
Lime Marinated Onion Salad (294 K PDF)
Moroccan Salad (289 K PDF)
Rainbow Veggie Salad (299 K PDF)
Salvadorian Cole Slaw (315 K PDF)
Sunshine Salad (302 K PDF)
Tangy Tuna Salad (315 K PDF)
Tuna Apple Salad (304 K PDF)
Zucchini Slaw (312 K PDF)


Bagel Faces (234 K PDF)
Barley Almond Casserole (356 K PDF)
Cooking Brown and Wild Rice (255 K PDF)
Corn Bread (326 K PDF)
Lavash (335 K PDF)
Pizza Dough (304 K PDF)
Roly Poly Roll Up (425 K PDF)
Spanish Rice (304 K PDF)
Savory Bread Pudding (294 K PDF)
Sesame Noodles (302 K PDF)
Trail Mix (428 K PDF)
Whole Wheat Pizza Crust (306 K PDF)
White Bean Crostini (234 K PDF)


Apple Sauce (230 K PDF)
Basic Marinara Sauce
(311 K PDF)
Pizza Sauce (221 K PDF)

Desserts and Sweets

Apple Crisp (298 K PDF)
Apple Quesadilla (310 K PDF)
Banana Bread (318 K DPF)
Berry Bread Pudding (323 K PDF)
Bread Pudding with Vanilla Sauce (318 K PDF)
Dessert Fruit Kebabs (231 K PDF)
Fruit Oatmeal Bars (244 K PDF)
Fruit Quesadilla (233 K PDF)
Hearty Oatmeal Cookies (247 K PDF)
Microwaved Baked Apples (300 K PDF)
No-Crust Pumpkin Pie (231 K PDF)
Rice Pudding (305 K PDF)

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