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Healthy Bodies

The family environment has a strong influence on the health and well-being of people of all ages. The eating habits and activity patterns learned within families remain with us throughout our lives.

For Older Adults — Connect with others through Eat Smart, Live Strong and get tips on healthy aging.

Active Living and Healthy Eating on a Budget — This 27-minute video is available in four languages: English | español | Lus Hmoob | Soomaali

Tip of the Month

  • 12/1 Reflecting on Holistic Health
    By Jamie Bain, Extension Educator ó Health and Nutrition

    It can be difficult to focus on health and wellness in December. It seems like everywhere we turn there are sweets and treats and parties to attend ó all centered on large portions of yummy food. No oneís saying that you shouldnít indulge a little here and there. Just remember to enjoy every bite and everything in moderation!

    But healthy eating isnít all what this post is about. Itís mostly about another aspect of health we often donít think about ó our emotional and social well-being. So go ahead and make a resolution to eat healthy and exercise more in the new year. But you can adopt a holistic vision of health right now, and start practicing two aspects of that vision that are often overlooked: mindfulness and reflection.
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