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Go Wild

Going Wild About Go Wild!

Here’s what Go Wild with Fruits & Veggies! customers are saying...


I’ve learned to look at labels before eating unhealthy snacks. I’ve learned to exercise each day. I’ve learned to eat healthy all the time.

Some of the new foods I tried were onion, pumpkin, jicama, spinach, pears, peppers, and parsnips. My parents have been eating fruits and vegetables more often for a snack instead of chips, and drink fruit shakes instead of pop.

My favorite Go Wild activity was trying the fruits and vegetables. That's what triggered me to try new things at home. I even convinced my younger brother and my nephew to eat more vegetables.

I learned that fruits and vegetables can be good if you try them.


My son has only liked one vegetable in the past and now is eating a variety of different vegetables of different colors. He says that the colors will make him healthier. I like the monthly family newsletter and recipes.

My son tried onions on his sandwich at a restaurant. I was shocked and asked him why he tried them. He said that the "nutrition lady" came to school today and told us that it was a really good idea to try new fruits and vegetables.


It’s a great (and easy) way to get the message across to kids about healthy living. I learned as much as the students about different foods...and interesting ways to prepare simple, delicious, and nutritious snacks.

This has been really fun and I LOVE the shortened prep time. I prepared the lesson once and can use it numerous times with different grade levels.

It has been fun to walk into the school and hear Go Wild music playing in classrooms that I’m not even teaching in that day. Even some of the teachers are really getting into it. Also, my foodservice is WAY on board. She did trivia questions during lunch. She even wanted a copy of the CD!

I just finished the Go Wild curriculum with fourth graders and they loved it. The kids enjoyed the map and the animals from our state.


One word says it so well — excellent! Full of enthusiasm and age-appropriate information. The kids remember what they were taught! — classroom teacher

I enjoyed the Go Wild! Eat Colors! theme song so much that I asked the kids to perform the song and dance during half-time at one of the school games. — school principal

Learn more about Go Wild with Fruits & Veggies!:

Here’s what Go Wild with Whole Grains! customers are saying...


I like the "We Eat the Whole Grains from Our Land" song!


I liked getting copies of the newsletters and the challenges for eating whole grains.


I loved the recipes, particularly the pumpkin oatmeal.

I loved the squishing the white bread vs. the whole wheat bread activity!

The info on wild rice was important...they liked the pictures and discussing the process of collecting wild rice. The discussion about corn being both a vegetable and a whole grain was a good one too.


I liked the Hike to Mill City physical activity...what a great tie to Minnesota's history! — teacher


Go Wild with Whole Grains! is currently being taught in Minnesota schools by our Extension nutrition educators. The program is not yet available to the general public. Do you have feedback to give on this new program? We'd love to hear it! Contact us.

Learn more about Go Wild with Whole Grains!:

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