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Go Wild

Go Wild About Physical Activity

ball and jump rope

Through the Go Wild programs students in grades 3-5 learn about the importance of staying physically active. According to the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey, 34% of children ages 6-11 are considered overweight (Ogeden, Carroll, & Flegal, 2008). In Minnesota only 48% of sixth graders reported being active at least five days a week (Minnesota Center for Health Statistics, 2007).

During every Go Wild lesson, students participate for 5-10 minutes in a dance, movement sequence, or game to encourage fitness. These physical activities are designed to motivate students to get active.

To reinforce the importance of physical activity, students are also encouraged to be active every day to help the Go Wild Bunch get to their final destination (the Mississippi River Headwaters in Go Wild with Fruits & Veggies! or the Mill City in Go Wild with Whole Grains!). Every time the class participates in 5-10 minutes of exercise during the school day, the class gets to mark off a square on the Go Wild poster for a Go Wild Bunch character. When they’ve marked off all of the squares, and helped all the animal characters get to their final destination, the class gets to help the Go Wild Bunch celebrate with a party.

Getting physical activity can be easy! No fancy (or expensive) equipment is needed; use what you have at your disposal and get creative! Arrange for a family dance night on Friday, play a quick game of tag with your child after school, or take turns imitating the movements of your favorite animals. The key is to get up and get moving! If you have limited mobility, find physical activities that you can do and do them.

Need suggestions for ways to get active?


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