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Professional Resources

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Research Updates for Professionals

We offer short term, non-credit professional development opportunities to professionals working with families with teens. Research Updates for Professionals workshops explore current research on specific topics in the field of normative adolescent development and what it means for the two-way parent-adolescent relationship. Participants will have opportunities to reflect on course content and explore what it means for their day-to-day work.

The online workshops are a great resource for many types of professionals: school personnel, counselors, social workers, faith-based staff, parent educators, and public health staff.

Register with coworkers to enhance learning. You will be encouraged to discuss topics with your colleagues. You will be able to listen to audio-streamed PowerPoint presentations, as well as download note taking documents from PowerPoint presentations, journal article summaries, resource lists, and other resources. Discussion boards and online learning activities also enhance the course.

Using the Internet for Parent Education

This current Research Updates for Professionals workshop focuses on using the internet for parent education. Register today!

What’s New with Teens and Their Families?

Key resources from our past Research Updates for Professionals workshop on normal teen behavior.

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